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Dec. 23rd, 2008
- In case you haven't seen it, here is a link to Michelle's award acceptance speech on the Knight of the Legion of Honour, October 2007. Also some "new" videos of the event have been added at Videos -> Specials. Many thanks to Miao Miao and Bin!

- Our busy lady was back to her home country Malaysia and had been in Kuala Lumpur for several days.

  HAPPY HOLIDAYS Michelle and everyone!

Dec. 22nd
- Michelle is going to star in director John Woo's 1949.

The US$40 million project was first announced at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Scripted by Wang Hui-ling (Lust, Caution and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), the Chinese-language war epic/romance tells three love stories set against the back-drop of the final years of China's civil war which ended in 1949 with the Nationalist Party retreating to Taiwan and the Communist Party seizing the power, thus leading to the establishment of the two governments - the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the People's Republic of China (Mainland China). The film will be produced by John Woo and Terence Chang's Lion Rock Production, with Fortissimo Films handling worldwide rights outside China.

The project has been described by Chinese language media as "Eastern Titanic". According to the reports, an important sequence will feature the true event of the sinking of the ship Taiping. The tragedy happened in January 1949, when the Taiping, a ship which was carrying more than 1,000 people who were fleeing from Shanghai to Keelung, Taiwan, sailed on an icy night without lights due to a curfew and collided with a cargo boat, the Chienyuan. Only 38 people survived.

Although the background is on the historical topic recounting the communist takeover of China, it is not expected that the director will focus on political issues. The plan is to shoot in both Taiwan and Mainland China.

The cast will include Michelle, Taiwanese actor Chang Chen (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), and several actors represented by Michelle and Terence Chang's Stellar Entertainment: South Korean actress Song Hye-kyo, Hong Kong actor Mark Cheng, and Hong Kong actor and singer Patrick Tam Yiu Man.

The production was originally planned to start filming this month, but currently has been postponed to next June for a 2010 release.

Dec. 21st
- Far North: new stills, video, and more.

Dec. 18th
- Far North: Michelle joined the film promotion ahead of the UK release.

- Make Roads Safe: Michelle Yeoh
      In her role as Global Ambassador for the Make Roads Safe campaign, Michelle advocates for road injury to be recognised as a global public health and development priority. She is leading the campaign's Call for a Decade of Action ahead of the first UN Conference on road safety, in November 2009.
      Some photos of Michelle's efforts on the campaign call: Clinton Global Initiative Forum, Dec. 2   Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, Dec. 6

Dec. 16th
- Sueddeutsche.de: Michelle Yeoh Interview
This is a very interesting interview of Michelle, done at TIFF in January. The interview was originally published in German. Many thanks to Joe for the English translation.

- Far North: official UK and Russian posters. More information on promotion.

Dec. 13th
- In Far North: new images and link to the official U.K. blog/site.

Dec. 11th
- The Dragon Dynasty label will be releasing a two disc ultimate edition of Supercop DVD, starring Michelle and Jackie Chan, on January 13, 2009.
  Special Features:
   * Flying High: An Exclusive Interview With Star Jackie Chan
   * Dancing With Death: An Interview With Leading Lady Michelle Yeoh
   * The Stuntmaster General: An Exclusive Interview With Director Stanley Tong
   * The Fall Guy: An Exclusive Interview With Co-Star And Jackie Chan Bodyguard And Training Partner Ken Lo
   * Commentary By Hong Kong Cinema Expert Bey Logan

The running time is 91 minutes so it should be the same cut version as Weinstein's previous Dimension Films release. Unlike the Dimension version, the Dragon Dynasty version will include the original mono Cantonese audio track in addition to the English dubbed tracks (Dolby 5.1, DTS), with English and Spanish closed captions. Here are the DVD cover and some images released by the Weinstein Company and Genius Products. (click to enlarge)

- The Mummy 3: U.S. Blu-ray/DVD will be released next week.

- True Legend: photos from media set visit.

Dec. 9th
- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt at the Arije evening in Paris, Monday Decemebr 8th.

(click to enlarge. "Pure People" photos)

- Join the cast and director of Far North in London, December 11th. See Far North section for more details.

- News video: Michelle at the HK airport, December 7th.   (00:59. in Cantonese). Asked about the Golden Horse Awards, Michelle said she wished her friend Jet Li would win the best actor award (Li was nominated for "Warlords"). Being nominated is already a big honor, added Michelle.

- More videos from the 45th Golden Horse Awards: (you may drag the progress bar to the time location directly)

  Golden Horse Awards video 3: Award Presentation, Part II. Michelle's part goes from about 99:15 - 107:00. Excerpts (translation from Mandarin Chinese):
Michelle: Greetings. I'm Michelle Yeoh (applause). I appreciate very much the Golden Horse Awards giving me this opportunity to meet with all of you. I'm afraid that you have forgotten about me, thinking I've moved to Europe or the United States. My heart is always in Asia. I look forward to working with Asian directors, whom I have or I have not worked with...
Wang Tong: I hope Michelle will come to Taiwan to shoot movies...
(Discussing and announcing the nominations)
Wang Tong: I'm nervous.
Michelle: You may open it.
Wang Tong: I will open the envelope and you will read.
Michelle: (quietly) I don't know how to read (Chinese)... (looking at the sheet) I can read it - (in English) "The Warlords", Tou Ming Zhuang! (Jane's note: I think it had both English and Chinese text ;-) )
  Golden Horse Awards video 4: Red Carpet Ceremony. Michelle appears between 87:35 - 89:50, right after Ang Lee and Hsu Chi.

Dec. 7th
- Golden Horse Awards video 2: Michelle on the red carpet at the 45th Golden Horse Awards (00:54).   Michelle meets Brandon Chang and Yuan Xin-Yu. Fans cheering for Michelle.

- More photos from Taiwan: Michelle at the celebration parties after the award ceremony, night of Dec. 6/morning of Dec. 7. Michelle left Taiwan for Hong Kong on December 7th.

(1-2) Taiwanese director Ang Lee signed to support the Make Roads Safe campaign
(3-4) Michelle with Singapore-born Hong Kong director Peter Chan ("Warlords")

(1) Michelle with director Feng Xiaogang (L) ("Assembly") and Wang Zhonglei (R), CEO of Huayi Brothers Media Group
(2) (L to R) Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Hanyu (best actor award winner, "Assembly"), Michelle,
Peter Lam, producer of "Warlords", Wang Zhonglei   (3) Michelle at the Hong Kong airport, Dec. 7
(click to enlarge. photos from "Sina", "Apple Daily", "Oriental Daily", "67" and "Sun")

Dec. 6th
- Golden Horse Awards video 1: Michelle on the red carpet at the 45th Golden Horse Awards, Taichung, Taiwan (may need IE to view. 02:13, in Mandarin).   In the middle of the live TV interview, Michelle suddenly ran off -- she spotted director Ang Lee and the two embraced warmly. She then apologized to the TV host and said that she had not seen Ang Lee since the Venice Film Festival last year. Asked to give some advice to the newcomers in the film industry, Michelle said: "Work hard, and always be prepared."

Michelle was the presenter for the Best Film which was the last and the biggest award of the ceremony. She said her heart is always in Asia and she awaits to work with Asian directors and make more good films. Taiwan's Golden Horse Film Awards is considered the Chinese-language "Oscars". Filmmakers from Greater China region including Ang Lee, Brigitte Lin, Hsu Chi, John Woo, and Feng Xiaogang also attended the award ceremony.

Michelle on the red carpet at the award ceremony

last photo: Michelle hugging with director Ang Lee

Michelle at the Awards presentation ceremony

Michelle, together with Wang Tong, famous Taiwanese director and former chair
of the Golden Horse Awards, presenting the Best Film award

(1) Michelle presenting the Best Film award to Peter Lam, producer of "Warlords"
(2) shaking hands with Peter Chan, director of "Warlords"

(click to enlarge. photos from "Mtime", "AP", "Reuters", "Baidu", "Sohu", "Sina", "Yahoo", "QQ", and "Epoch Times")

Dec. 5th
- Michelle in Taiwan, December 5th.   News video (may need IE to view. 01:17, in Mandarin)

(click to enlarge. photos from "Tom", "Sina", "UDN", "Apple Daily", "China Times", and "EastDay")

Dec. 4th
- Make Roads Safe report. Photos: Michelle promoting the Make Roads Safe campaign during the CGI Asia, December 2, Hong Kong.

signing up to the call for a Decade of Action for Road Safety
1. Bill Clinton. 2. director Oliver Stone. 3. Rico Hizon, BBC journalist. 4. Fauzi Bowo (R), governor of Jakarta, Indonesia.
(click to enlarge. "Make Roads Safe" photos)

Dec. 2nd
- News photos: Michelle at the gala dinner of the CGI Asia, December 2.

left photo (L to R): Jet Li, Anjali Rao, news anchor and journalist for CNN, and Michelle

- News photos: Michelle attending the Clinton Global Initiative Asia (CGI Asia) meeting, December 2nd, Hong Kong.

Michelle and Jet Li chatting with former U.S. president Bill Clinton Michelle and Jet Li at CGI meeting
(click to enlarge. photos from "AP", "Reuters", "CGI", "Apple Daily", and "QQ")

Dec. 1st
- The 2008 Clinton Global Initiative Asia meeting is being held in Hong Kong, December 2 - 3. Michelle is one of the program participants.

- In Videos -> Specials: download link and YouTube play for the video clip of Michelle's award acceptance speech at the Marrakech festival. (thanks Bin for converting the video!)

Nov. 30th
- Videos:
Tribute to Michelle at the 8th Marrakech International Film Festival, November 22   (04:55)   (thanks Miao Miao for finding the video link!)
Celebrity Wire interview with Michelle, May 22   (01:39)   Michelle was an event chair for amfAR's Cinema Against AIDS 2008 benefit during Cannes Film Festival

Nov. 26th
- According to Taiwanese media, Michelle will be arriving in Taiwan on December 4th. She is scheduled to attend the gala banquet for the Golden Horse Awards on the 5th and attend the award ceremony on the 6th. This year's Golden Horse Awards Ceremony will be held in the Chungsan Hall, Taichung, on the 6th of December.

- Maria, a fan of Michelle in Australia, got ahold of an old magazine (the pages of which are turning yellow...). It is the 1984 Owl vs Dumbo film promotion via an HK TV guide. Please check Photos -> Magazines.

- German versions of Biography and Q&A have been added to the site:
    Die Biographie von Michelle Yeoh   Michelle Yeoh - Häufig gestellte Fragen
Many thanks to Joachim Schulz for the great work!

Nov. 24th
- Have you ever seen a video of Michelle back in 1983, at the "Miss World" pageant? Thanks to Grace for discovering the treasure and Bin for encoding the Michelle only part! Please visit Videos -> Specials for the clips. You can also see Maggie Cheung in one of the clips.

As you can see, the Videos section is partially up now. Enjoy.

- Reports from Marrakech:
  Press Conference given by Michelle Yeoh and Director Asif Kapadia
  Tribute to the Asian actress Michelle Yeoh

Nov. 23rd
- News photos from the 8th Marrakech International Film Festival, November 22nd:

Michelle presenting the Jury prize to Chinese director Zhang Chi (The Shaft) at the closing ceremony

Michelle at the closing ceremony of the Marrakech Film Festival

Marrakech closing ceremony: Michelle Yeoh, Zhang Chi (Jury Prize for "The Shaft"), Mikhail Kalatozishvili
(Grand Prix for "Wild Field"), Barry Levinson, Melissa Leo (Best Actress for "Frozen River"), Caterina Murino

(click to enlarge. photos from "Zimbio", "Timewarp", "Corbis", "Reuters", "Sina", "PurePeople" and "Getty")

Nov. 22nd
- IFFM 2008: tribute to the Asian actress Michelle Yeoh

- More photos from the Marrakech International Film Festival, November 21:

(1) Michelle attending the open air screening of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"
(2-3) Jean Todt accompanying Michelle to the press conference/photocall
(4) Michelle speaks to the press during the film festival

Michelle and Jean Todt arrive at Dior fashion party at the Marrakesh Film Festival

on redcarpet of the tribute to Michelle
(click to enlarge. photos from "WireImage", "Reuters", "Mediafax", "Zimbio", "EastDay", "Infomaroc" and "Pure People")

Nov. 21st
- On November 21, Michelle was honoured at the 8th Marrakech International Film Festival, Marrakech, Morocco, in recognition of her contribution to the film industry. The special tribute was followed by the screening of Far North.

Left two photos: Michelle giving speach on the ceremony

(4) Michelle with Asif Kapadia, director of "Far North"
(5-6) Michelle receives the award from Melita Toscan du Plantier, the director of the Marrakesh film festival

Photos - photocall for Far North during the Marrakech Film Festival, November 21: (many HQ photos!)

(click to enlarge. photos from "Getty", "Abaca", "PurePeople", "Zimbio", "Corbis", "WireImage" etc.)

Nov. 19th
- True Legend updates with more set photos.

Nov. 17th
- On Sunday the 16th, Michelle attended the anniversary banquet of Malaysia Businessman Sports and Recreation Club in Kuala Lumpur. The fund raising event was attended by about 1500 guests including local governors. During the two hour event, hundreds of fans asked for autographs or had their pictures taken with Michelle.

Left two photos: (L to R) Datuk Wee Ka Siong, Deputy Education Minister, Datuk Liow Tiong Lai, Health Minister,
Datuk Yeoh Kian Teik, Michelle's father and the president of Malaysia Businessman Sports and Recreation Club,
and Datuk Michelle Yeoh at the opening ceremony

1. wines autographed by Michelle were hot items on the fund raising auction
2-4: Michelle   5-6: Michelle and her father at the banquet dinner

(click on images to enlarge. photos from "Kwong Wah", "Guang Ming" and "Sin Chew")

- Far North image has been added at the front page's slide show.

Nov. 16th
- News photos: Michelle attending the opening of "Christian Dior & Chinese Artists", a fashion and art exhibition, November 15th in Beijing.
   News video with brief interviews of Michelle, Lin Chi-ling and Maggie Cheung. (02:13, in Mandarin)

(1-4) Michelle with Maggie Cheung at the event party   (5) Michelle with CTHD actor Chang Chen
(click on images to enlarge. photos from "Sohu", "Sina", "Getty", "Oriental Daily", "ArtZine", "Xinhua", "Singtao" and "Apple Daily")

Nov. 14th
- Michelle will be at the 8th International Marrakech Film Festival on November 21st to receive the special honor, "Timeless Female Heroine". The special tribute includes the screening of 6 Michelle films.
    Nov. 20, 10:30pm: "Tai Chi Master"
    Nov. 21, 10:00am: "The Touch"
    Nov. 21, 11:00am: "Memoirs of a Geisha"
    Nov. 21, 06:30pm: "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (with Michelle attending)
    Nov. 21, 08:00pm: Homage to Michelle Yeoh, "Far North"
    Nov. 22, 01:30pm: "The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor"

The festival runs from November 14th to 22nd in Marrakech, Morocco.

- Make Roads Safe report: Country at the crossroads: Michelle Yeoh in India

- Far North: upcoming screenings and Q&A sessions with the director.

- Babylon A.D.: DVD covers and more updates.

Nov. 11th
- Here are several images of Michelle as an ambassador of L'Oreal Paris. L'Oreal Paris will be an official sponsor for this year's Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards in Taiwan. Michelle will be a presenter at the award ceremony on December 6th.   (click on images to enlarge)

- Interview: Michelle Yeoh's style secrets

- Michelle's Wai Lin is listed as one of the Best James Bond Babes at Entertainment Weekly.

Nov. 9th

Michelle in India
(click to enlarge)
- Michelle left India for Malaysia last Thursday night. Indian media quoted Michelle: "I'm getting back home to Malaysia to see my family. After that I will go to China, and after that, the road safety campaign will go to Costa Rica in January."

More reports from India:
    The Hindu: Working for a better tomorrow
    The Times of India: Michelle goes indi-yeoh!

- In Photos -> Magazines: scans from Chinese magazine "Hers", November issue. Thanks Bin!

Nov. 6th
- News video from India (01:43): Michelle talks about the Make Roads Safe Campaign and more. (click on images to enlarge)

Nov. 5th
- Michelle is in Delhi, India, for the Make Roads Safe Campaign. She is meeting with officials and other agencies, and continuing to shoot the documentary, which will be shown as the opening film at the Global Inter-ministerial Conference in Moscow next year.
Report: Bonding with Delhi roads' crouching, hidden dangers

- As a special tribute to Michelle, six Michelle films will be screend during the 8th International Marrakech Film Festival (Nov. 14 - 22): Tai Chi Master (1993), Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000), The Touch (2002), Memoirs of a Geisha (2005), Far North (2007), and The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008). (link)

- Babylon A.D.: U.S. Blu-ray/DVD will be 11 minutes longer than the theatrical cut. To be released on January 6.

- Photos from the Making of Anlene Commercial:

(click to enlarge. "Tungstar" photos)

- Updates on Jingle Ma's Hua Mulan project.

Nov. 3rd
- True Legend updates: press conference and photos.

Nov. 2nd
- Links:
    "Make Roads Safe" Blog: Call for Decade of Action for Road Safety launched
    "Thanh Nien Daily": Acting Ambassador (interview with Michelle)
    "Make Roads Safe" report: Vietnamese children march for 'Road Safety Decade'

- More photos from Michelle's recent road safety trip to Vietnam. Some of the photos are shared by Huynh Nguyen Ngoc Minh of the AIP Foundation. Here I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the organizers of the event for inviting me to join them. It was pity I could not go to Vietnam on that day.

Michelle in Ho Chi Minh City, October 30th

(1) Michelle with Huynh Nguyen Ngoc Minh, program manager of the AIP Foundation
(3-4) Michelle was being presented a painting from Vietnamese children

More than 1,300 helmets were handed over to children before the start of the road safety march

March with Michelle Yeoh for Children's Road Safety
(click to enlarge. from Vietnamese "Dantri", "VnExpress" and photos of Le Quang Nhat and Ngoc Minh. thanks Ngoc Minh, Melody, and Rachel)

Oct. 31st
- Far North will be screened on Nov 23rd at the Inverness Film Festival.

- In the afternoon of October 30th, Michelle attended a press conference on "Launch of Child Helmet Television Commercial", held at the Park Hyatt hotel, Ho Chi Minh City. The launch event combined with a panel discussion on protecting children from road traffic injuries in Vietnam. (Many thanks to Melody who sent me the articles on the event from Vietnam!)

(1-3) Michelle attending the press comference
(4) Michelle with Greig Craft, chairman of the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation

(1) Michelle with Danish Ambassador Peter Hansen
(2) (L to R) Greig Craft, Michelle Yeoh, Peter Hansen
(click to enlarge. photos from Vietnamese "Dantri" and "VnExpress")

Oct. 30th
- October 30th, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Michelle joined near 1,400 Vietnamese children on a city march to promote motorcycle crash helmets and reduce traffic deaths on the country's chaotic roads. At 6:30AM, a Helmet For Kids Ceremony was held at the Reunification Palace. The "March with Michelle Yeoh for Children's Road Safety" started at 7:30AM. The event was organized by Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIP Foundation), Make Roads Safe Campaign and Vietnam's National Traffic Safety Committee.

( click to enlarge. photos from Vietnamese "Dantri". thanks Melody from Vietnam!)

Report: Actress Yeoh campaigns for crash helmet use in Vietnam

Oct. 29th

"March With
Michelle Yeoh"
(click to enlarge)
- Michelle is in Vietnam, visiting Ho Chi Minh City today (October 30th). As a Make Roads Safe ambassador, she is going to join thousands of children in a march for road safety and to celebrate the launch of a new television commercial about child helmet use.

    News releases:
    Vietnamese children march for 'Road Safety Decade'
    Michelle Yeoh urges parents to put helmets on their children

- Babylon A.D.: release date for Mainland China.

- Another Hua Mulan film?

Oct. 27th
- Cool YouTube videos:
    Michelle's Anlene AD   (00:36 in Mandarin)
    Michelle Yeoh Speed Sketch   (04:49)
(Thanks Bin for the video links!)

- On Sunday October 26, Michelle was in her hometown Ipoh to launch the Kinta Riverfront tourism project. Asked if she plans to shoot any films in Ipoh, Michelle said her friend Ang Lee did some filming (for Lust, Caution) in Ipoh and they are continuing to looking for suitable stories which may be filmed here. Michelle also said: "I have to admit that I'm a bit selfish - I do not wish Ipoh to be overexposed. I like what Ipoh looks like now. It's not over crowded, no frequent traffic congestion, and it is enjoyable."

    Yeoh urges ex-miners to invest in tourism
    Thousands at riverfront project launch to see Michelle Yeoh

(3) Michelle receiving interview   (4) Michelle with her parents and niece arriving at the launch ceremony

(1) Michelle with Morubina Group of Companies managing director Ting Sing Yiew
(2-4) looking at a model of Kinta Riverfront Hotels and Suites   (5) at the launch ceremony
(from Malaysian "SingChew", "China Press", "NST", "Guangming, "Oriental Daily" and "The Star". click on pics w/borders to enlarge)

- Ultimate Bond girl?

Oct. 24th
- Michelle was seen at the the French international contemporary art fair (FIAC, Oct. 23 - 26) at the Grand Palais, Paris, on October 23, reported German "Art". (thanks Joe for the help with German translation)

- Michelle will be attending the 8th International Marrakech Film Festival next month in Morocco. She will be honored with a special homage, and her Far North will be screened at the festival.

Oct. 22nd
- The 8th International Marrakech Film Festival (Nov. 14 - 22) will have a special tribute honoring Michelle.
  Links:   report   Tribute: Michelle Yeoh

- Far North will be screened during the upcoming New British Film Festival in Moscow.

Oct. 21st
- Michelle will be in Vietnam at the end of the month for a road safety promotion, reported Vietnamese media. She will visit Ho Chi Minh City on October 30th, and she will speak to the press and take part in various activities to raise awareness of traffic safety and helmet wearing, especially for children. (report)

- Far North: press reactions for the advanced screenings in UK. More film images of Michelle's Saiva.

- Some updates and set photos of Su Qi-Er. The English title of the film will be True Legend.

Oct. 20th
- According to Malaysian media, Michelle will be back to Ipoh next weekend. She's expected to make an appearance in her hometown on October 26 to launch the Kinta Riverfront tourism project (NST report ). A celebration for her father's birthday will be held on the 25th with family members and relatives.

- Taiwanese media reported that Michelle will be an award presenter at this year's Golden Horse Awards. The ceremony is going to take place on December 6th.

- News photos from the Shanghai F1 Grand Prix, October 19.

Michelle with Aaron Kwok and Jean Todt

Michelle was surrounded by fans
(click to enlarge. photos from "F1online" and "Baidu")

- On October 16th, a charity auction was held during a Ferrari party in Shanghai. With Michelle's help, the event raised more than 2,000,000 Yuan for Jet Li's One Foundation, which Li set up with the Chinese Red Cross to raise funding for disaster relief. A set of Ferrari suit, autographed by Jean Todt, Felipe Massa, Michelle and Jet Li, was sold for 680,000 Yuan.

(L to R) Jet Li, Michelle, Marco Mattiacci, Ferrari's CEO of its Asia Pacific region, and Jean Todt

Ferrari California launch party and charity auction in Shanghai, October 16
(click to enlarge. photos from "Sina", "F1online", "IC" and "Sohu")

Oct. 19th
- News photos from Shanghai: Michelle and Jet Li at the F1 practice sessions, October 17. Jet Li said Michelle invited him to the event.

Last photo (L to R): Michelle, Brazilian F1 driver Felipe Massa, and Jet Li
(photos from "Tom", "OSports" and "Sohu")

- Michelle and Jean Todt attending a concert by Aaron Kwok, Hong Kong singer and actor, Shanghai, October 18 ("Mop" and "Xinmin" photos):

Oct. 17th
- On Friday October 17th, Michelle attended the practice sessions of the Chinese F1 Grand Prix in Shanghai. When she appeared with Jet Li at the Shanghai International Circuit, they attracted a crowd of reporters and fans instantly.
News video (00:38. in Mandarin)

Michelle and Jet Li in the Ferrari pits

(1-2) Michelle being interviewed   (3-5) signing autographs
(click to enlarge. photos from "F1online", "Motorsport", "Formula1", "Titan", "Yahoo" and "Sina")

Oct. 15th
- On October 15th, Michelle was a special guest for the opening ceremony of an Elie Bleu store in Hong Kong. Video (00:43. may need IE to watch)

(click to enlarge. photos from "Sina", "Xinhua" and "People")

- A(nother) announcement for a Mulan film. Will this time be real? See report in Hua Mulan news.

Oct. 14th
- Babylon A.D. updates: film images (with Michelle's), Chinese release, and interviews. In the interview from "Press Trust of India" Michelle is quoted saying about her future projects: "There are 4-5 untitled projects in queue. Well 2009 might see a couple of biggies. I am keeping my fingers crossed."

- The Mummy 3: U.S. Blu-ray/DVD release.

Oct. 12th
- News photos: Michelle at the Japanese Grand Prix, Fuji International Speedway, October 12th.

(click to enlarge. photos from "Motorsport" and "Sina")

Oct. 10th
- In Photos -> Magazines: scans from two more Malaysian magazines by Sheryn - "Astroview" (in English) and "ICON" (in Chinese).

- Photos from Vietnam: ad and billboard featuring Michelle for the road safety campaign in Vietnam, themed "Wear a Helmet Everytime, Everywhere". (click to enlarge)

Links:   Story: Wear Helmet for a Reason: HAN   "Wear A Helmet" news report

Oct. 8th
- Babylon A.D.: Chinese release information change.

- News photos: Michelle attending the 20th anniversary party of Occasions, a HK P.R. firm set up by Pansy Ho, a friend of Michelle's. Hong Kong, October 7th.

(1-2) with Jean Todt   (5) Michelle with Pansy Ho
(click on photos w/borders to enlarge. photos from "Sina" and "Tungstar")

Oct. 7th
- Far North will be the opening film at the Philadelphia Asian-American Film Festival, this Thursday. For more details see Far North.

- On October 6th, Michelle attended the unveiling ceremony for Ferrari California in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong.
News videos:   1 and 2 (in Mandarin. Michelle appears at the beginning of the videos)

Michelle with actor/singer Aaron Kwok and Jean Todt at the Ferrari event (click to enlarge. photos from "Sohu" and "Sina")

Oct. 6th
- Babylon A.D.: new film images (many with Michelle) and a behind scenes video.

- Far North will premiere in Taiwan at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival.

- Su Qi-Er updates with set photos.

Oct. 3rd
- New in Magazines: images and article from Chinese language magazine "Ming" (issue 6, 2008). The issue contains a LARGE number of "historical" photos of Michelle, with many of them from the 80's and early 90's. (Special thanks to Bin for providing the images.)

And while on the topic of "historical" photos, here are two from the "Miss World" pageant, London, November 1983 (click to enlarge):

In the left photo, Michelle is the third from right (you can tell that can't you?). Can you tell who's the girl next to her (second from right)? -- It's Maggie Cheung! Michelle was presenting Malaysia and Maggie was for Hong Kong. I bet it was the first time for the two met. OK now you can try to find both of them in the photo at right ("Pageantopolis" photo). :-)

Sept. 30th
- On Monday September 29, Michelle attended a press conference in Singapore, promoting the global road safety campaign. The press conference was held in conjunction with the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) Region II Opportunities Workshop organized by the Automobile Association of Singapore and the FIA.
    Global road safety campaign in conjunction with F1 race in S'pore
    Michelle Yeoh, the road safety queen
    Never give up, Michelle Yeoh tells Ferrari team

(1) Michelle and Jean Todt at the FIA event, Sept. 29
(2) at the gala dinner of Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve Asia Edition, Sept. 30
(3) Michelle with her nephew at a F1 Party by Vertu, Indochine, Sept. 26
(click on photos w/borders to enlarge. photos from "AsiaOne", "CNA" and "Raphmeister")

Sept. 29th
- Michelle has been in Singapore, busy attending various activities. In an interview with "Zao Bao" Michelle said she's preparing a new film with a new Taiwanese director and it is expected to start filming this December in China. She also plans to work with director John Woo. Michelle will stay in Singapore for a couple of more days and then she will go to Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Photoshoot in Singapore (click to enlarge. "Zao Bao")

(1) President's Challenge Charity Luncheon, Sept. 26   (2) at qualifying session for the Singapore F1, Sept. 27
(3-4) Michelle and Jean Todt at the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix, Sept. 28
(photos from "horomundi", "I sifa", "Wordpress" and "Grandprix". click photos w/borders to enlarge)

Sept. 26th
- Photos: Michelle attending the Audemars Piguet party for launch of the Singapore Grand Prix watch on Thursday in Singapore:

last photo (L to R): Michelle, Georges Henri-Meylan, CEO of Audemars Piguet, Jasmine Audemars, Chairwoman of Audemars, and Jarno Trulli, Italian F1 driver
(photos from "Apple Daily" and "Watchpro". click to enlarge)

Sept. 24th
- New film page has been created: Su Qi-Er (aka Beggar Su). Production updates and some set photos.

- Babylon A.D.: release date in China.

- Michelle to star in Aviva rebranding campaign with Bruce Willis?   Reports from the U.K.: 1 2

Sept. 23rd
- "Michelle Yeoh Interview" by Gaynor Flynn. This is an interview for Babylon A.D.. At the end when she was asked what else she would like to do in the future, Michelle said: "I'm looking into making documentaries in South East Asia, maybe on conservation or education. I want to start small and start in a place I'm comfortable in. Then I hope to travel. I'm a big adventurer."

Sept. 22nd
- Michelle will be in Singapore this week. She will be spreading the road safety message during a workshop hosted by the Automobile Association of Singapore. She will also be attending the launch event on Audemars Piguet's Singapore Grand Prix watch. Singapore is hosting its first Formula One Grand Prix this weekend.

- Photos -> Magazines: "Michelle Yeoh Opens Her Heart About Love, Life and Happiness", scans of article (in English) and photos from "HELLO!" magazine, issue October 2008. Many thanks to Sheryn!

- The Mummy 3: a live effects event on the making of the film, Oct 2, Hollywood.

- The Children of Huang Shi: screening at the Dietrich Theater Film Festival, Pennsylvania.

Sept. 17th
- The Make Roads Safe campaign has launched a new film featuring Michelle:
    "Make Roads Safe - Demanding Action in 2009"   (directed by Richard Stanley. 12:24)
      Watch online:  WindowsMedia   Quicktime

Michelle attended a commission meeting for Global Road Safety in St. Petersburg, Russia, September 16.   (Report)

commission for Global Road Safety meets in Russia to target UN Conference
(1) Lord Robertson (L), chairman of the commission for Global Road Safety, General Victor Kiryanov (M),
head of Road Safety in the Russian Federation, and Michelle (R), Global Road Safety ambassador, speak to the press
(2-4) Michelle at the commission meeting  

- Babylon A.D.: HQ images and more posters. And I have changed Babylon A.D. image at front page's slide show again. ;-)

- Some scan photos from a "StarMag" interview have been added in Cannes 2008 Photos, May 21st. (from Missters)

Sept. 14th
- Download video: Michelle wishing everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.   (00:25, in Mandarin and Cantonese. thanks Bin!)

Sept. 12th
- Babylon A.D.: new film images, a behind scenes video, and more photos of Malaysian poster.

- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending a Vertu party to promote the new Vertu Signature mobile phone at the Petit Palais in Paris, France, September 11th.

left photo: Michelle with Alberto Torres, president of Vertu
(photos from "Pure People", "QQ", "ABACA" and "Sina". click to enlarge)

Sept. 10th
- According to China's "Sina", Michelle will be (guest?) starring in Yuen Woo-Ping's new martial arts film Su Qi-Er, a legendary Cantonese hero figure from late Qing Dynasty and whose name is parallel to Wong Fei Hung (central figure of Jet Li's Once Upon a Time in China). The report says the film stars martial arts actor Chiu Man-Cheuk (Green Snake, Once Upon a Time in China V) as Su Qi-Er, and Chinese actress Zhou Xun (Suzhou River, Perhaps Love) as Su's wife. Michelle's character, Sister Yu, is a heroine who lives in seclusion on a mountain. Reportedly at the beginning of the film story she saves the dying Su. Without any publicity, the film started shooting secretly on August 28 in a beautiful mountain region in a suburb of Beijing. Michelle was there with Chiu Man-Cheuk and Zhou Xun for several days at the beginning of September. Her scenes in Beijing has already been completed, according to the report.

Sept. 9th
- Modified Babylon A.D. image at front page's slide show.

- Far North: Russian release date.

- Probably many of you did not know that Michelle had appeared in a live Peking Opera performance. It was in 1991 during a charity fundraising event in Hong Kong for the victims of flooded areas in Eastern China. That year parts of Eastern China suffered from the largest flood in the past 100 years. The fundraising show took place in late July at the Happy Valley Racecourse in Hong Kong and nearly all known Hong Kong performing artists appeared in the performance. The event raised a record high amount - more than 100 million HK dollars. Michelle and Taiwanese/Hong Kong actress Brigitte Lin performed a famous Peking Opera piece, "Flooding the Golden Mountain Temple", near the end of the seven hour show, which was aired in more than 20 countries.

"Flooding the Golden Mountain Temple" is one part of the Chinese classic folk tale, "Legend of Lady White Snake" (Story: 1 2 , picture book).
Their piece tells the part of the story when Lady White Snake (Bai Suzhen) called aquatic spirits to battle with Fa Hai and his warrior deities from heaven at the Golden Mountain Temple where Bai's husband was being kept. The battle was ferocious, and eventually Bai caused the temple to flood. Michelle played Bai Suzhen, the Lady White, and Brigitte Lin played Blue Snake (Xiao Qing).

Download the videos:
   Performance: Michelle Yeoh, Brigitte Lin, Hong Kong Lion Dance Union (07:34, 75MB)
   Rehearsal with Sammo Huang, Michelle Yeoh, Brigitte Lin (01:23, 7.2MB. in Cantonese)
P.S. Millions of thanks to Bin (A Bird), the fellow Michelle fan in Sichuan, who went through tremendous trouble searching for the show, making the video clips, and finally passing the videos on to me (due to the worsened internet blocking in China, all our usual methods for passing large files failed. It took us a while to find a way to do it)

(click on images to enlarge)

Sept. 8th
- The Mummy 3 box office updates. Michelle said to the media at the Hugo Boss Fashion Show last weekend that she's very happy that the film is doing well globally (Sina video   (02:05. Michelle interview at 00:35-01:18, in Mandarin) ). Michelle has since returned to Italy.

Sept. 5th
- Photos: Michelle at Hugo Boss Fashion Show in Hong Kong, September 5th. Since the Mid-Autumn Festival (aka the Moon Festival) is coming soon (September 14 this year), Michelle wishes everyone a happy holiday.

Michelle said she is returning to Europe tomorrow. "I wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn festival. Enjoy mooncakes. Enjoy the moonlight," said Michelle. "I wish everyone good health. I will be in Europe at that time and I will miss you."

(click to enlarge. photos from "Tom", "Sina", "Tungstar", "Mingpao", "Singtao" and "QQ")

- The Mummy 3 updates: more on Chinese release. Trivia. Michelle interview video with behind scenes.

- Photos -> Magazines: scans from two new Malaysian magazines (one Chinese, one English) - many thanks to Sheryn!

Sept. 4th
- Michelle will be attending the opening ceremony of the "Hugo Boss Black Spring/Summer 2009" in Hong Kong on September 5th.

- Far North updates: film still, reviews, and R1 DVD pre-order.

- Babylon A.D.: Malaysian poster - with Michelle.

Sept. 2nd
- The Mummy 3: an image of a Zi Yuan related scene which was cut from the U.S. version. A photo of Michelle's Zi Yuan wax figure in Tussaud Wax Museum Shanghai. Last minute cut for the Chinese release.

- Babylon A.D.: differences between the U.S. and European version. Videos.

- "The Star" article: Set for more action

- These are some photos from Michelle advertisements. The left two were taken by Xiao Yi at a department store in Sichuan Province, China. The right three were taken by Sheryn from Malaysia - two at the Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, and one (the last one) at Carrefour, Melaka. (click to enlarge)

Aug. 29th
- New image has been added at front page's slide show. Babylon A.D. opens in North America today.

- The Children of Huang Shi: Korean release date and poster. As a limited release, the film has been showing around the U.S. locations since May 23.

Aug. 28th

- Michelle flew from Hong Kong to Shanghai on the 28th and attended the M3 premiere. She told the press that she's going back to Chinese cinema this year and next year. A new script, which was specially written for Michelle, is nearly finished and the production may start later this year. Michelle said she's considering suggesting to the scriptwriter to change her character to a negative role. For more photos, premiere reports and premiere videos please visit The Mummy 3 section.

Aug. 27th
- Babylon A.D.: interviews with video clips. Reviews.

- In The Mummy 3: new official wallpapers, videos, reports from China, and also a short greeting video from Michelle to Chinese Mummy fans.

Aug. 25th
- Babylon A.D. updates. The director is unhappy about the final product.

Aug. 24th
- The Mummy 3 updates with two behind-scenes photos of Michelle.

- Babylon A.D.: three new film clips. The first two have Michelle.

Aug. 22nd
- On the evening of August 22nd, Michelle attended the 2008 BAZAAR Charity Gala Night, held at Park Hyatt Hotel in Beijing. The charity event attracted more than 300 guests and raised 10 million Yuan which will go to Jet Li's One Foundation. Last week when Michelle was in Malaysia she mentioned to the media that she would be in Beijing for the event. She said Jet Li invited her when they met in L.A..

1-3: Michelle and Jet Li helping with the charity auction at 2008 BAZAAR
4: Michelle and British Prime Minister Tony Blair (L) presenting a charity award

left photo: greeting with a member from Super Junior, a Korean Boy Band
(click to enlarge. photos from "Sina", "Baidu", "QQ", "M1905" and "Sohu")

- Photo at left: Michelle and Jean Todt at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, August 17, Northern California. (photos courtesy of "SF F1". click to enlarge)

- The Mummy 3: photos of props and Chinese poster.

- Babylon A.D.: HQ pics.

Aug. 20th
- The Mummy 3: Michelle will be attending the premiere in Shanghai on August 28.

- "NST" article: Our national treasure

Aug. 19th
- Babylon A.D.: new film stills and posters.

- Far North Indian release: August 22.

Aug. 18th
- Babylon A.D.: contests.

- The Malaysian "Nanyang" had a special feature on Michelle's birthday. See Magazines for image scans. (thanks Sun Sun!) It's a Chinese language newspaper. It has some interesting stories at the beginning of the article - I did not know where Michelle's Chinese name came from and did not realize her birthday on the Chinese lunar calender fell on a special day, the seventh day of the seventh lunar month - the most romantic day in Chinese culture and a special holiday for young women.

Aug. 14th
- The Mummy 3: photos and video clip from a Michelle interview in Japan, a promotional photo, and more.

- Babylon A.D. posters.

- "Anlene Concentrate" AD display at a supermarket, Malaysia. Photos taken by Sun Sun. (click to enlarge)

"The Star" report: Anlene gets a new face

- Photos: Michelle as a global ambassador for Vertu, a British-based company on luxury mobile phones. (click to enlarge. "Ming Pao" and "Miolife" photos)

- On her birthday, August 6, friends and family members held a private party for Michelle at Ritz Carlton in Kuala Lumpur. Photos: the birthday girl after the party (click to enlarge).

Aug. 12th

Michelle in Kuala Lumpur, Aug. 12
(click to enlarge. photos from "Kwong Wah", "China Press", "Ming Pao" and "SinChew")
- On August 12th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Michelle made a public appearance for "Anlene" dairy products. Michelle has recently become an ambassador for the brand, whose products are specially formulated for adults' bone health and are available in 13 countries across Asia and Australasia. Michelle said she will go to Hong Kong and Vietnam for the Health Awareness Campaign during the second half of the year. Her new TV commercial for "Anlene" will be broadcasted starting August 15th.

Asked about her film projects, Michelle said the promotion for Babylon A.D. will start soon. She said she, director John Woo and producer Terence Chang have been developing a film script. She also revealed there are two American films on her waiting list but the production dates have not been fixed.

- The Mummy 3 updates.

Aug. 9th
- AlloCine interview: Michelle Yeoh A - Z   (13:56, in English with French subtitles). The interview was done back in May or June as a part of Babylon A.D. promotion. She covered many topics - from "A" to "Z". For "H" she was asked about Hua Mulan.

- Far North: screening at Espoo Film Festival in Finland.

- Babylon A.D.: French video special of Michelle, U.S. release information, date of the press junket in New York, and more.

- More photos from the birthday celebration in Japan. A video from the press conference can be seen in The Mummy 3 and it has the birthday cake bit - Michelle was touched...

(click to enlarge. photos from "Mainichi", "Eiga", "Getty" and "Pia")

Aug. 7th
- Far North: some HQ film images with a new Michelle one.

- Babylon A.D.: Six new film clips (all but no.4 have Michelle). Also a Michelle video special.

- Michelle has left Japan and she's back to Malaysia. She will spend several days in her home country before going around the globe again.

Aug. 5th

- Hello guys/gals! This year at our annual Birthday Special we have received over 260 messages, from old friends to new fans to filmmakers and extras who worked with Michelle. Our birthday messages are from at least 37 countries/regions: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, China, Germany, Greece, Guyana, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, India, Italy, Jamaica, Madagascar, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, U.K., U.S.A., and Vietnam. Thanks everyone!

Happy Birthday Michelle!
Our Birthday Greetings to Michelle
(P.S. all messages have been sent to Michelle. Banners made by Bin aka A Bird)

- The photo at left is Michelle, blowing candles on her birthday cake during a news conference in Japan on August 5th. For details, more photos, and a video clip from the event please see The Mummy 3.

- Some Chinese fans of Michelle's made an E-Magazine for her birthday. They made a DVD and have sent it to Michelle. Here you may download the E-mag (EXE file, 47Mb) and play it on a Windows system. Special thanks to Sun Sun, a Chinese fan in Malaysia, who kindly added a page that celebrates the 10th anniversary of this site, the Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre. Yep, it was 10 years ago, exactly today, when this site came alive online...

Let's say one more time to our special lady:

Aug. 4th
- The Mummy 3 updates with photos from the Japanese premiere. Information on the re-release of Tai Chi Master DVD.

Aug. 1st
- Babylon A.D.: U.S. official website launched. New Michelle images.

- The Mummy 3: videos of the interviews of Michelle and Jet Li from the Late Late Show. Michelle is in Tokyo now. Japanese M3 premiere will be held on August 4.

Jul. 30th
- The Mummy 3 updates: Hong Kong premiere, Mainland release, video interviews and article links. REMINDER: Michelle will appear tonight on CBS's Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Jul. 28th
- "NY Daily" article: The hits keep coming for Michelle Yeoh

- Photos: Michelle at the US Mummy 3 premiere. More photos, reports, and videos can be seen in The Mummy 3 section.

(click on photos w/borders to enlarge. photos from "Getty", "WireImage", "Reuters" and "AP")

Jul. 27th
- The Mummy 3: photos from Comic-Con San Diego, video interviews, and more.

- New Make Roads Safe video.

- Babylon A.D.: new film stills.

- Far North: Taiwanese release date.

Jul. 26th
- Michelle will be at Comic-Con San Diego THIS afternoon. Tomorrow Michelle will appear at the US Mummy 3 premiere at Universal Studios Hollywood. Also in The Mummy 3 section there are new videos of "Making of" and a Michelle interview.

Jul. 25th
- Far North: U.K. release date.

- The Mummy 3: promotional photos from a Chinese magazine - thanks to "A Bird"! Also more photos from the Moscow premiere.

- Article links:
    * "She's Mummy's girl and a whole lot more Michelle Yeoh defies the odds to become an international star"   page 1 page 2
    * Michelle Yeoh brings mix of silk and steel to latest Mummy film

Jul. 24th
- The Mummy 3: photos and clip from the premiere in Moscow. Michelle accepted media interviews and attended the premiere ceremony. Download the production notes.

Jul. 23rd
- Michelle was in Berlin early today for the Mummy promotion. She's going to Moscow next. Here are some photos from Berlin during a media photocall. More photos of Michelle in Berlin can be seen at The Mummy 3 section. (click to enlarge. photos from "Time Wrap", "WireImage", "Corbis")

- Babylon A.D.: new images.

- The Mummy 3: US premiere information. Interview videos and photos from last week's press conferences. Talk show schedule. Michelle will attend the US premiere this coming Sunday and she will appear on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson next Wednesday.

Photos: Michelle at the M3 press conference on July 15th, Beverly Hills (click to enlarge. photos from "WireImage"):

Jul. 22nd
- Hi I'm back! Let's first catch up some photos, news, and clips for The Mummy 3, which will hit big screen next week!

Jul. 12th
- [Notice] I'm going for a trip and most likely I won't have time to update the site before July 22nd. See you later!

- A report about Michelle's trip to South Africa on Make Roads Safe.

- Babylon A.D.: French official site opened.

- These photos were taken in March when Michelle was in LA doing sound dubbing for M3. Someone caught her shopping in West Hollywood. Thanks Francis for pointing out the photo link (click to enlarge. Buzzfoto).

Jul. 11th
- Michelle's wax double in Madame Tussaud Hong Kong has got a new dress. See The Mummy 3 for photos and other updates.

Jul. 8th
- The Mummy 3: soundtrack list and cover pics, novel/screenplay, etc..

- Babylon A.D.: a screenplay and the film.

- Far North: U.S. DVD cover and AD sheet.

- The Children of Huang Shi updates.

Jul. 7th
- A Video from the Make Roads Safe campaign. Total length 09:43. Michelle appears at around 02:10 - 03:52 (in South Africa) and 08:02 - 08:13 (UN Headquarters, New York).

Michelle as Make Roads Safe ambassador in South Africa, June 2008
(click to enlarge. video scans)

- Photos: Michelle and Jean Todt during a private visit to "Cesar, an anthology by Jean Nouvel", an exhibition on the work of French sculptor Cesar on the tenth anniversary of his death, at the Cartier foundation, Paris, on Sunday July 6.

Jean Nouvel (right), the Cartier foundation's architect, presents Cesar's artwork
(click to enlarge. "Getty Images")

Jul. 3rd
- The Mummy 3: premiere information and new TV Spots.

- Seen Kung Fu Panda? (images from "Xdiy". click to enlarge)

Bruce Lee

Jackie Chan

Michelle Yeoh

Jet Li

Jul. 2nd
- Geez, is my clock ticking faster and faster? I thought we just did this several weeks ago - Now it's THE time again!

Michelle Yeoh Birthday Special 2008

It's now a chance to say something to our special lady, and I'm sure our messages will add more happiness to her ;-). Please enter your message by August 4 and please use English only. All messages received will be forwarded to Michelle by her birthday (August 6). Thank you all!

- On Wednesday July 2nd, Michelle attended the Lebanese designer Elie Saab's Fall-Winter 2008/2009 fashion show presented at Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand during the Paris Fashion Week.

Michelle and Jean Todt at the fashion show

left two photos: Michelle with designer Elie Saab
last photo: Michelle and American actress Patricia Arquette

(click to enlarge. photos from "WireImage", "Getty", "MCT", "Corbis", "AP", "Reuters", "163" and "PurePeople")

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