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[Last updated: October 12, 2011]

1996:  Supercop as Woman Warrior  (Salon, July 96) The Wrath of Khan  (Metro, July 96)

1997:  Alive & Kicking  (Boxoffice Online Feb. 97) A New Breed of Bond Girl  (Asiaweek, Feb. 97) Bond girl Yeoh gets licence to thrill 007  (SCMP, Feb. 97) Kicking butt with Supercop Michelle Khan  (LAUNCH, 97) She's one tough lady  (Time, Apr. 97) Everybody say Yeoh!  (Time, May 97) Much more than just a Bond girl  (SCMP, May 97) 50 Most Beautiful People: Michelle Yeoh  (People, May 97) Michelle, Ma Belle  (TV Guide, 97) The Wrath of Khan  (Giant Robot, 97) Kicking Back with Michelle Yeoh  (Cinemania, 97) Michelle Yeoh  (Thunder, 97) Michelle Yeoh Riding High  (ASTYLE, 97) Ladies who launch  (Entertainment Weekly, Nov. 97) A Deadly Partner  (Asiaweek, Nov. 97) Mr. Showbiz interview  (Mr. Showbiz, Dec. 97) A Geek interview with Michelle Yeoh from TND  (Dec. 97) Yeoh gets her kicks on way to Bond stardom  (The Seattle Times, Dec. 97) 007's Sidekick: A Different Leading Lady  (Los Angeles Times, Dec. 97) When Butts Need Kicking  (LA Weekly, Dec. 97) At lunch with Michelle Yeoh; Bond Meets His Match  (New York Times, Dec. 97)

1998:  Michelle Yeoh Interview  (SCMP, Jan. 98)

1999:  The Right Moves  (WALKING, June 99) Back in Costume  (TALKIES, July 99)

2000:  Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King)  (Next Media, Jan. 00) Lunch with Michelle Yeoh, and other oddities  (Now Magazine, May 00) Michelle Yeoh: Takin' on the world  (Canoe, May 00) Michelle In Minutes  (The Straits Times Interactive, June 00) Michelle Yeoh Exclusive Interview  (ASTYLE, 00) Dragon Lady  (Cinescape, Nov. 00) Seen Charlie's Angels? Meet the Real Deal  (IFILM, Nov. 00) Michelle Yeoh: From Toe Point to Tai Chi  (International Herald Tribune, Nov. 00) The Story of Yeoh  (TimeOut New York, Dec. 00) Crouching Tigress: Michelle Yeoh Interview Part 1   Part 2   (Fandom, Dec. 00) CTHD Interviews: Michelle Yeoh  (Dateline, Dec. 00) HK's fine for me  (Project Eyeball, Dec. 00)

2001:  The Show Must Go On  (Orthopedic Technololy Review, Jan./Feb. 01) You Go Yeoh  (InStyle, Feb. 01) Enter The Tigress  (Venice Magazine, Feb. 01) Michelle Yeoh  (IMDb, 01) Michelle Yeoh: The Fearless Action Hero of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"  (US Weekly, Mar. 01) Hollywood Can Wait  (SCMP, Mar. 01) Interview: Michelle Yeoh star in "Crouching Tiger"  (StudioLA, Mar. 01) Michelle Yeoh Superstar Without the Attitude  (DVD Review, May 01) Yeoh - Wow!  (Inside Kung-Fu, June 01) Tiger Charm  (The Malaysian Women's Weekly, Oct. 01) Michelle Yeoh: From Wow to Woe to Whoa!  (Kungfu Mgazine, ? 01) Ms. Women of the Year  (Ms. Magazine, Dec. 01)

2002:  From Ipoh to Hollywood  (The Star, Aug. 02) Keeping In Touch  (The Malaysian Women's Weekly, July 02) A Touch of Magic  (ETC, July 02) Michelle Yeoh Interview on The Touch  (8 Days, Aug. 02) Touchdown: Firm favourite  (The Star, Aug. 02) There's more to Michelle Yeoh than flying kicks  (Inquirer, Aug. 02)

2003:  Leadership Lessons - From Michelle Yeoh, 2002 TOYP Honoree  (JCI, Jan. 03) Heart of The Modern Woman  (Dec. 03)

2004:  Her own person  (The Star, Jan. 04) Service with a smile  (The Star, Jan. 04) Leaping Lulu, Nimble Yeoh  (The Nation, Jan. 04) Michelle Yeoh Interview  (Asiance, July 04)

2005:  Yeoh loves to kick butt - on screen only  (Daily Yomiuri (Japan), April 2005) Ms. Yeoh Gives Up Action for 'Geisha' Elegance  (Film Monthly, Nov. 05) Wisdom with a Kick  (People, Dec. 05)

2006:  Versatile Michelle  (The Star, Jan. 06)

2007:  No business like Yeoh business  (UK Times, March 07) When you wish upon a star  (The Star, April 07) Memoirs of a Sensation - 'Sunshine' star Michelle Yeoh hits the heights  (NY Daily News, July 07) Michelle Yeoh in a mellow mood  (Review Asia, November 07)

2008:  Michelle Yeoh on CNN's Talk Asia  (CNN Asia Pacific, June 08) Michelle Yeoh: Balance, beauty and butt-kicking  (CNN, June 08) Action queen turns dramatic  (The Age, June 08) She's `Mummy's' girl and a whole lot more  (Birmingham News, July 08) Michelle Yeoh brings mix of silk and steel to latest Mummy film  (Times, July 08) The hits keep coming for Michelle Yeoh  (NY Daily, July 08) Michelle Yeoh brings kicks and poise to "Mummy"  (Reuters, Aug. 08) Michelle Yeoh Shines in the New Mummy  (CelebrityCafe, Aug. 08) Michelle Yeoh Interview  (Marie Claire, Aug. 08) Set for more action  (The Star, Sept. 08) Michelle Yeoh Interview: If I am theatened, I run away  (Sueddeutsche, 08) Michelle Yeoh's style secrets  (Philstar, Nov. 08)

2009:  All-action heroine  (Guardian, Jan. 09) Michelle Yeoh on Asian Film Awards  (Wall Street Journal, March 09) Michelle Yeoh: The Big Adventurer  (The Skinny, May 09) Yeoh Innovation  (Prestige Hong Kong, May 09) Flying High  (Glass Magazine, July 09) This butt-kicker still a looker at 47  (TNP, Oct. 09) 35 All-Time Screen Beauties: 1990s - Michelle Yeoh  (People, Oct. 09) National treasures: Datuk Michelle Yeoh does her bit to help protect the endangered orang utan  (The Star, Dec. 09) Michelle goes ape over apes  (TNP, Dec. 09)

2010:  Michelle Yeoh kicks some bone issues  (NST, Mar. 10) Michelle: Animals are like humans  (Philippine Star, Mar. 10) Michelle Yeoh urges Asians to be road safety heroes (ABS-CBN, May. 26) Still an Ipoh girl at heart (New Straits Times, Oct. 10) No sexy roles for me, says ex-beauty queen Yeoh (DivaAsia, Oct. 10) Michelle Yeoh's labour of love (The Star, Oct. 10) Still flying high (New Straits Times, Oct. 10) Human face of wuxia (The Sun Daily, Oct. 10) Back in (killer) action (SingTel, Oct. 10) The Lady: Aung San Suu Kyi's Fight for Freedom   Q&A: Michelle Yeoh  (Time, Dec. 10)

2011:  Actress shows her commitment to improving women's bone health  (The Star, Jan. 11) Michelle Yeoh turns designer bag creator page 1 page 2 (MSN, Apr. 11) Michelle Yeoh hopes Aung San Suu Kyi biopic will raise Burma awareness (Guardian, May 11) Michelle Yeoh Interview (TimeOut Hong Kong, Oct. 11)

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