Police Story III: Supercop

Date Released:  7/1992, 7/1996 (US version)
U.S. Title:  Supercop
Language:  Cantonese and some Mandarin, English (US version)
Production Companies:  Golden Harvest Entertainment,
Golden Way Films Ltd
Producers:  Willie Chan, Edward Tang
Director:  Stanley Tong
Action Director:  Stanley Tong
Cinematographer:  Ardy Lam
Music:  Mac Chew, Jenny Chinn, Jonathan Lee;
Joel McNeely (US version)
Screenplay:  Edward Tang, Fibe Ma, Lee Wai Yee
Category:  Action/Adventure/Thriller/Comedy
Country:  Hong Kong
Academy Awards: 
Golden Horse Award 1992:
Jackie Chan (best actor)
Kar Fei Cheung, Peter Cheung (best editing)
Hong Kong Film Award 1993:
Stanley Tong (best action choreography, nominated)
Jackie Chan (best actor, nominated)
Cast:  (in credit order)
Inspector Chan/Fu Sheng/Kevin .... Jackie Chan
Chief Yang/Hua/Hana .... Michelle Khan/Yeoh
May .... Maggie Cheung
Chaibat .... Ken Tsang
Panther .... Wah Yuen
Uncle Bill .... Bill Tung
Chaibat's Wife .... Josephine Koo
Peter .... Kelvin Wong
The Film:
One of the best movies I've seen. Astonishing and also extremely entertaining.

The story is about Michelle (a mainland Chinese cop) and Jackie Chan (a Hong Kong cop) pursuing drug criminals around various locations of Asia. But what a chase this is!

See these breathtaking action scenes -- from the top of a ten storey building to the top of a train, from the Chinese countryside to the border area of Thailand and Cambodia to the capital city of Malaysia; see Jackie Chan jumping from Kuala Lumpur's railway station to a helicopter; see Michelle rolling on and off a speeding van, and, see her riding and landing a motorbike onto a moving train -- wow!...

Their performances are so incredible and look so real (they ARE real in fact; done without CGI, blue screens, etc.). It's hard to distinguish between the movie characters and the real actress/actor themselves anymore. I often forget this is only a movie. Michelle and Jackie Chan, together with their movie figures, become our real life heros.

Greatest stunts ever! You can never see anything like this in any other movie. Got to see this incredible one yourself to really believe that it was actually made... Not only their great stunts but also their screen chemistry is perfect. Don't miss the outtakes!

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