Strike Back: Legacy
Final Season • TV Series

Release Date:  June 3 (U.K.), July 31 (U.S.) 2015
Language:  English
Production Companies:  Left Bank Pictures, HBO/CINEMAX, Sky
Executive Producers:  Andy Harries, Cameron Roach
Producers:  Michael Casey, Sharon Hughff
Directors:  Michael J. Bassett, Julian Holmes, Brendan Maher
Screenplay:  Michael J. Bassett, Jack Lothian, James Dormer,
Richard Zajdlic, Ed Whitmore, Tim Vaughan
Category:  Action / Drama
Countries:  U.K., U.S.A.
Filming:  Thailand, Hungary
    returning cast
Sgt. Michael Stonebridge  ....   Philip Winchester
Sgt. Damien Scott  ....   Sullivan Stapleton
Lt. Col. Philip Locke  ....   Robson Green
Sgt. Julia Richmond  ....   Michelle Lukes
Special Agent Kim Martinez  ....   Milauna Jackson
Major Nina Pirogova  ....   Tereza Srbova
Christy Bryant  ....   Stephanie Vogt

    new cast
Mei Foster / Li-Na  ....   Michelle Yeoh
Kwon  ....   Will Yun Lee
Robin Foster  ....   Tim McInnerny
Shiro  ....   Masa Yamaguchi
Moon  ....   Na Kwang-Hoon
Finn  ....   Christian Antidormi
Faber  ....   Dustin Clare
Ray McQueen  ....   Max Beesley
Chloe Foster  ....   Eliza Bennett
Aaron  ....   Michael Bisping
Eduardo Lautrec  ....   Joseph Gatt
Oppenheimer  ....   Michael McElhatton
Mason  ....   Leo Gregory

Sgt. Stonebridge
Philip Winchester

Sgt. Scott
Sullivan Stapleton

Lt. Col. Locke
Robson Green

Sgt. Richmond
Michelle Lukes

Sp. Agent Martinez
Milauna Jackson

Michelle Yeoh

Will Yun Lee

Robin Foster
Tim McInnerny

Masa Yamaguchi

Ray McQueen
Max Beesley

Chloe Foster
Eliza Bennett

Dustin Clare

Na Kwang-Hoon

Michael Bisping

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Fourth, final season of high-powered Cinemax series 'Strike Back' now on Blu-ray, DVD
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(12/14/15) Strike Back Saison 4 is airing on France's Canal+, Starting December 8.   (French trailer,   news)

- Some behind the scene photos:

(photos courtesy of Will Yun Lee and Masa Yamaguchi)

- More stills:

- Cinemax video: Strike Back Season 4: Episode 7 - Clip 1   (01:07)

- Images from Strike Back: Legacy:

(08/31/15) - TV Promos: Strike Back Season 4-6   (00:30)

(08/23/15) - Cinemax video: Strike Back Season 4: How To Say Goodbye To Sergeant Julia Richmond   (02:52)

- More Strike Back: Legacy images:

Michelle Yeoh as Li-Na

(08/14/15) - Cinemax video: Strike Back Season 4: New Arrivals   (02:17)

- MStars News: Michelle Yeoh: 'Strike Back' Season 4 on Cinemax, 'Crouching Tiger' Sequel & More!

Cinemax videos:
Ep. 32 Preview (00:30)
Ep. 32 Recap (00:35)
Ep. 33 Preview (00:30)

Starpulse: Michelle Yeoh Is 'Strike Back's' Killer Woman
Entertainment Weekly: 'Strike Back' moment of the week: Till death do they part


(07/30/15) - Strike Back: Legacy continues on Sky 1 in the U.K.. The series will begin to air in the U.S. on Cinemax on July 31st and in Asia on HBO Asia on August 1st.

- New York Times: 'Strike Back,' on Cinemax, Returns to Overwhelm Bad Guys Everywhere

- More images:

- "KoreAm" interview: Will Yun Lee Plays a North Korean Villain Who Finds Love in 'Strike Back'

- Videos:
Stonebridge doesn't do confessions   (00:30)
Work Hard, Play Hard   (01:44) Robson Green and Michelle Yeoh talk about filming the new series of Strike Back


(07/18/15) Cinemax video: Strike Back Season 4: Michelle Yeoh   (01:23)


Michelle Yeoh as Li-Na in Strike Back: Legacy

(07/03/15) Strike Back Season 4: Trailer (Cinemax)   (00:50)
Starting in the U.S. on July 31st.

(07/03/15) Behind the scene: Michelle Yeoh as Mei Foster/ Li-Na in Strike Back: Legacy

(1) Michelle as Mei Foster  
(2) on set: director Michael J. Bassett, Michelle Yeoh, Tim McInnerny, Robson Green
(3) director Julian Holmes, Michelle, Masa Yamaguchi
(4) Michelle and Masa Yamaguchi

(06/24/15) Strike Back: Legacy:

EpisodeDirectorGenreRunning TimeWarningBBFC
1Michael J BassettThriller43m 54sstrong language, violence, threat15
2Michael J BassettAction, Drama44m 41sstrong language, bloody violence15
3Julian HolmesThriller45m 2sstrong langauge, violence, sex15
4Julian HolmesAction, Drama44m 32sstrong language, violence15
5Brandan MaherAction, Drama44m 44sstrong language, violence15
6Brendan MaherAction, Drama, Thriller44m 38sstrong violence, threat, scene of torture15
7Michael J BassettDrama45m 53strong language, violence, sex15
8Michael J BassettAction, Drama, Thriller45m 9sstrong violence, gory images18
9Michael J BassettDrama45m 2sstrong language, violence15
10Michael J BassettDrama45m 25sstrong language, violence, sex15


(06/03/15) The final season - Strike Back: Legacy - begins to air tonight on Sky1 (U.K.).

(05/26/15) Stills from the final series of Strike Back:

(1) Michelle Yeoh as Mei Foster/Li-Na   (2) Robson Green returns as Lt. Col. Philip Locke
(3) Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester as Sgt. Damien Scott & Sgt. Michael Stonebridge

Sky1 has revealed the first plot details (SPOILER ALERT): Set in Thailand, the new season opens when Chloe, the daughter of British ambassador Robin Foster (McInnerny), is kidnapped. Section 20 is called in and it quickly becomes apparent that they're dealing with more than a high-profile snatch'n'grab after Chloe falls into the hands of gangster Ray McQueen (Beesley), a puppet whose strings are being pulled by a higher power.

The plot will eventually lead them to North Korea.

As previously announced, Michelle plays Mei Foster, the wife of the British Ambassador to Thailand Robin Foster.

Gazette Herald: Robson Green has a blast with Strike Back stunts
Whats on TV: Robson Green: 'This series of Strike Back is off the scale!' (video)

(05/25/15) Robson Green talks about Strike Back filming.
  Daily Star: Strike Back: Robson Green gets kicked by ballerina Michelle Yeoh in new series (SPOILER ALERT)
  Mirror: Robson Green admits he struggles to perform his own stunts

(05/20/15) Strike Back Cast Interviews - published by U.K. Sky One.
  Robson Green & Michelle Yeoh Interview   (02:02, region restricted)
  Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester Interview   (02:37)

(05/13/15) Michael J. Bassett said he just approved the final sound mix for the final season of Strike Back. "Action-packed, emotional, and uplifting. I'm so proud of this season," said the director.

(05/08/15) Strike Back first trailers!
  Strike Back Season 4: Official Teaser Trailer (Cinemax)   (00:30)
  Strike Back Series 5 Trailer (Sky1)   (00:40)

Michelle Yeoh as Mei Foster in Strike Back (video scans)

(04/29/15) The premiere dates of the final season of Strike Back has been announced: June 3rd in U.K. (SkyTV) and July 31 in U.S. (Cinemax).

(04/17/15) Cinemax videos:
Strike Back Season 4: Production Recon #3 - Krabi, Thailand (01:25)
Strike Back Season 4: Production Recon #4 - Helicopter Evacuation (01:41)

(02/07/15) Cinemax video: Strike Back Season 4: Production Recon #2 - Budapest, Hungary (01:25, featuring Philip Winchester, Sullivan Stapleton and director Michael J. Bassett)

- Director Michael J Bassett said in his Twitter last week that he has finished editing all six of his episodes of the final season of Strike Back. He will be working on sound and music in a few weeks. It is expected to premiere in the U.S. on Cinemax in the early summer.

- Michael Bisping, English mixed martial artist and UFC fighter, has a recurring role in the final season. Bisping, who shot his scenes for Strike Back last year in Thailand, said in an interview with FOX: "It's a small part, but it was a lot of fun. A couple of episodes and it was awesome." "I had no idea how big a show, it's a huge production. It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to see it."

- Excerpts from a recent interview with English actor Robson Green who reprises his recurring role of Lieutenant Colonel Philip Locke in the final season:

      "I had been playing a lieutenant colonel in the SAS saving the Western world from dissident rogue elements of North Korea, the IRA, the Yakuza and Office 39 who were trying to launch a nuclear attack against Britain as well as America in the TV series Strike Back."
      "... I got to see special effects, the likes of which I never thought I'd see in my career, and then there was also just the action side of it and being able to do these things that were required in the scripts. That meant getting up every morning and going to a two-hour boot camp workout. While I was quite fit at the age of 21, at the age of 50 I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. That's purely because of Strike Back and a guy named Adam Sheppard, who I worked with and got me in shape for the part. I loved every minute of Strike Back, I truly did."

(01/08/15) Cinemax (U.S.) announced that Strike Back Season 4 will premiere this summer, with the final 10 episodes of the series.

"STRIKE BACK returns for its fourth and final season this summer. In the new episodes, Damien Scott and Michael Stonebridge, along with the rest of Section 20, are enlisted to crack a missing-persons case in Bangkok. This elite undercover unit of British intelligence quickly realizes that what seems on the surface to be a simple kidnapping is actually the first step in a massive terrorist plot with global implications. Scott, Stonebridge and the team crisscross Asia and Europe, battling Japanese Yakuza, Russian Mafia, cyberterrorists, elite mercenaries and other deadly forces."

(12/19/14) Director Michael J. Bassett wrapped the filming of the final season of Strike Back in Thailand on December 18th. "What a wild and crazy ride this year has been," commented the director on his twitter.

(1) British mixed martial arts champion and UFC fighter Michael Bisping (back center) joined the filming
(2) actress Michelle Lukes with a winged horse

(12/01/14) Over last weekend, some residents in Bekasmegyer, a neighborhood in Budapest, Hungary, were surprised that one of their streets was transformed: flags of North Korea were hanging everywhere, and communist propaganda billboards could be seen next to the road.

Similarly, in early November, someone showed photos of a building at Szent Istvan University, Budapest, which had been covered by North Korean flags. "Kim Jong-un is not visiting here, is he?" A local netizen quipped. "What is going on?"

Yes you guessed it - the Strike Back production team used locations in Hungary to stand in for North Korea.

BTW, have you noticed that the name of Michelle's character, Li-Na, is a Korean name?

a street in Bekasmegyer transformed to Pyongyang

(1) building in Szent Istvan University with North Korean signs
(2) Hungary stands in for North Korea   (3) old power plant

some filming took place near the Matra Power Plant in the valley
of the Matra mountains northeast of Budapest

(photos from "Cink", "Faceportal" etc)

(11/29/14) Main part of the Budapest filming has wrapped. A part of the team is heading to Thailand for a few more weeks to finish the final season of the series. Some filming is still continuing in Hungary. The release date of the series has not been announced but it is expected in early 2015.

(1) wrap up dinner in Budapest, Nov 28   (2) returning cast: Milauna Jackson, Sullivan Stapleton, Philip Winchester,
Robson Green, Michelle Lukes   (3) Will Yun Lee and Michelle Yeoh, new additions to the final season (offset photo)

(11/10/14) Strike Back has been filming in Budapest, Hungary and will continue there for a few more weeks. Meanwhile, director Michael J. Bassett has been in Thailand, scouting locations for another part of filming. The ten episodes of the final season will be directed by Michael J. Bassett, Julian Holmes, and Brendan Maher.

(10/30/14) From Budapest, Hungary:

(1) (L to R) Will Yun Lee, Michelle, Sullivan Stapleton, and director Michael J. Bassett at a dinner
(2) Michelle with Czech born actress Tereza Srbova   (3) actor William Brand, Michelle, and actress Jane May Graves

(1) Michelle (L) and Will Yun Lee on set, Oct 21   (2) set photo: "clowning around", Oct 19

(10/14/14) A few days after wrapping up her part in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II: The Green Legend, Michelle joined Strike Back filming in Budapest.

(09/22/14) Some set photos from Budapest, Hungary, August/September 2014.

(3) director, screenwriter, and co-executive producer Michael J. Bassett with
actors Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester   (photo credit: Michael J. Bassett)

(09/22/14) Some photos from the Thailand shooting in the spring 2014:

(1) Michelle Yeoh during the Thailand filming
(2-3) Michelle Yeoh (in black) with cast and crew members in Krabi, Thailand, March 2014

(09/22/14) It was officially announced that Michelle Yeoh has joined the final season of the British/American hit action/drama series Strike Back. The action and military television series premiered in the U.K. in 2010 and in the U.S. in 2011. The final season of ten episodes is currently under production.

In her first ever role for television, Michelle will play the wife of the British Ambassador to Thailand, played by English actor Tim McInnerny (Notting Hill).

"I'm delighted to be joining the cast of Strike Back and incredibly excited to be working with Sky and Left Bank," said Michelle. "As an actor, it's always challenging to try new things. She is a fascinating character and I can't wait to play her."

Returning to lead the cast once again are Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton, American actor Philip Winchester and English actor, singer and television presenter Robson Green, who reprise their on screen roles as counterterrorism operatives Sgt. Damien Scott and Sgt. Michael Stonebridge and Section 20 leader, Col. Philip Locke.

New cast members for this season also include English actor and musician Max Beesley (Mad Dogs) who will take on the role of an ex-pat gangster, and (ethnic Korean) American actor Will Yun Lee (The Wolverine, Die Another Day) who will play a villainous role as a member of the North Korean State Security Department.

Cameron Roach, an executive producer and acting head of drama for Sky said: "It's fantastic to have Michelle and Max join the cast of Strike Back for its final season, which will be its biggest ever. Strike Back is the perfect show for Sky 1, its fast paced, quick witted and energetic. We're privileged to work with Michelle in her first ever television role and it's always a pleasure working with Max who is returning to the channel after the huge success of Mad Dogs."

The production first began at the end of January 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. A bulk of the filming took place in Thailand until March and the production was scheduled to move to Budapest, Hungary afterwards. However, it was halted for six months due to Sullivan Stapleton's injury (in a non-set related accident). The production resumed this month in Europe and will move to Thailand again later in the year.

The ten episodes will be directed by Michael J. Bassett, Julian Holmes, and Brendan Maher. Andy Harries and his Left Bank Pictures (which produced Michelle's The Lady) produces the series.

The final season (Season 4 in the U.S. and Season 5 in the U.K.) of Strike Back will air on CINEMAX (U.S.) and Sky (U.K.) in 2015.

CINEMAX Press Release
Sky: Michelle Yeoh, Max Beesley & Tim Mcinnerny join the cast of Strike Back for the final season
Hollywood Reporter: Cinemax's Strike Back Resumes Production, Adds Cast for 2015 Return
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Cinemax video: Strike Back Season 4: Production Recon #1 - Thai Marketplace (00:54)
featuring Philip Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton

leftbankpictures: Strike Back (Series 5)
Wikipedia: Strike Back

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